Third Port – Venice

The TRANSIENS NOSTRUM installation transpired as a performance during the last ten days of the Venice Architecture Biennale, from November 18 till November 26. Through this collaboration, the “Bodies of Water” exhibition, curated by Costis Paniyiris and Andreas Nikolovgenis, is deconstructed, and visitors may follow its gradual transformation into a new work, the third stop of the TRANSIENS NOSTRUM circumnavigation.
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Second Port – Syros

The exhibition ENBANKMENT comprises the second edition of the TRANSIENS NOSTRUM project. The work, in the form of a visual and sound installation, delves into the recent history of Syros, addresses the sea as a locus of constant withdrawal and emergence, and suggests a poetic encounter with the multiple and often elusive nuances of the transformative effect of time.
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Departure port – Rhodes

IN PRESENTIA was the starting point of the TRANSIENS NOSTRUM journey. It was a visual art and sound installation which attempted to highlight the complexity of the experience of mourning, combining light, the movement of the sea and sound.
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Fourth Port – Alexandria

In December 2024, under the auspices of the Greek Embassy in Egypt. The exhibition, an original visual and sound installation, the fourth stop of the TRANSIENS NOSTRUM circunavigation, is inspired by the accumulation of knowledge in the Library of Alexandria, the fertility of the Nile River, and ancient Egyptian astronomy.
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